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TRITON Delta S - Rack - 42 HE - RAL 9.005

721 € (591 € + IVA)
Numero articolo del produttore: RMA-42-A81-BAX-A1
Codice: RMA-42-A81-BAX-A1
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RMA-42-A81-BAX-A1 TRITON Delta S - Rack - 42 HE - RAL 9.005 Standverteiler RMA Equip RMA-42-A81-BAQ-A1. Type: Freestanding rack, Maximum weight capacity: 400 kg, Product colour: Black. Size: 48.3 cm (19"), Weight: 110 kg. Package weight: 120.9 kg. Dimensions (WxDxH): 800 x 1000 x 1970 mm, Rack mounting: 42U, Compliance industry standards: IP 30 Time-proven cabinet for data and telecommunication purposesn19“ free-standing cabinet with IP 30 protection RMA has a robust welded construction. High quality processing and the newest technologies ensure a perfect look of the cabinet. The hinge system enables almost 180° wide opening of the door. The door can be easily removed and mounted for a change of the door opening direction. Vertical 19” rails can be adjusted freely in any depth of the cabinet. This simplifies mounting of the device and configuration of connecting cables. RMA is a cabinet with a welded frame and removable side panels. These are standardly fixed to the frame using a lock with unified key in the same way as the rear cover.nnCABINET REAR COVERnRemovable side and rear covers are secured with a key operated locks the same as the front cover.nnBREAK-OUT BLANKING PANELSnEntry openings for cables in the rear part of the cabinet are covered with breakout-type blanking panels. It is possible to use a blanking panel with a brush in a cable opening to avoid dust penetration. The plastic frame serves to protect cables from damage (both are parts of the cabinet supply).nnCASTORS, NIVELATION NIBSnPreparation for mounting of castors, heavy-load castors and nivelation nibs.nnFLEX FRAMEnThe system enables sliding vertical rails installation in a span of 19“, 21“ and 23“ strictly up to requirements of the applied technology.


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