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Supermicro H11DSi-NT - AMD - DDR4-SDRAM - 2666 MHz - 2000 GB - 8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128MB - 1.2 V MBD-H11DSI-NT-O

748 € (613 € + IVA)
Numero articolo del produttore: MBD-H11DSI-NT-O
Codice: MBD-H11DSI-NT-O
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Marca: Supermicro


Supermicro H11DSi-NT - AMD - DDR4-SDRAM - 2666 MHz - 2000 GB - 8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128MB - 1.2 V E-ATX - 30.48 cm (12") x 33.147 cm (13.05") - AMI 128Mb SPI Flash EEPROM - ACPI 5.1 Supermicro H11DSi-NT. Processor manufacturer: AMD. Supported memory types: DDR4-SDRAM, Supported memory clock speeds: 2666 MHz, Maximum internal memory: 2000 GB. HDD interface: Serial ATA. Ethernet interface type: Gigabit Ethernet. Motherboard form factor: Extended ATX MBD-H11DSI-NT-O Major Benefits from Supermicro's in-house Design SuperioritySupermicro motherboard advantages:- Technologically-advanced Motherboard Designs Since 1993- Consistent highest-quality Design, Components, and Production Expertise- Extensive Range of x86 Serverboards Available- Competitive Price/Performance- High Performance Boards Supporting the Latest CPU, memory, and add-on Hardware- Standard Form Factors offer Feature - rich Support and application optimizationThese competitive advantages help Supermicro maintain its design leadership in providing state-of-the-art motherboards for a wide range of applications. Always a step ahead of the competition, Supermicro is consistently first-to-market in delivering high-performance technology support. Offering the most extensive serverboard selection in the industry at competitive prices, Supermicro boards are quality-built to maximize customer satisfaction.In addition, Supermicro also offers high-performance Embedded motherboards with product life cycles of up to 7 years.


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