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Lancom ISG-1000 - VPN Gateway - Gateway - 0.1 Gbps

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Lancom ISG-1000 - VPN Gateway - Gateway - 0.1 Gbps 61073 HTTPS - VPN - Ethernet - Firewall - Gateway - USB - AES/EBU - Rack module - 1 U Lancom Systems ISG-1000. Ethernet LAN data rates: 10,100,1000 Mbit/s. Networking standards: IEEE 802.1Q. Security algorithms: 3DES,AES,HTTPS,RSA,SNMP. Product colour: Black, Housing material: Metal, Country of origin: Germany. Power source type: AC, AC input voltage: 110 - 230 V, AC input frequency: 50 - 60 Hz Large-scale multi-service IP networks must offer ultimate performance and reliability at the central site. The LANCOM ISG-4000 is the secure and future-viable heart of your VPN networking strategy, thanks to its powerful platform with state-of-the-art encryption technologies, freedom from backdoors, and redundancy features. Use SD-WAN to effortlessly connect your sites, branches, and remote workers. You can also upgrade this integrated services gateway with additional features such as a hotspot, clustering, or up to 1,000 VPN channels. It is a true VPN champion.nnSecure site connectivity via VPNnThe LANCOM ISG-1000 is the central instance of your network infrastructure. Reliable security for medium to large enterprise scenarios, state-of-the-art encryption technologies via 100 integrated VPN channels, and the demand-oriented ports (4x combo ETH/SFP, 1x Ethernet and 1x USB) give you optimal conditions for networking mobile employees, protecting your internal company data, and securing sensitive network segments or branch offices. The LANCOM VPN option upgrades the gateway to support up to 200 VPN channels. This ensures that your network is perfectly scalable and can grow on demandwithout requiring additional hardware.nnVPN championnThe independent user survey Professional User Rating Security Solutions (PUR-S) gave LANCOM top marks in the corporate and solution ratings in 2018. This was a successful title defense by LANCOM: LANCOM had already received the Champion award in the previous year, emerging from the survey as the best-placed VPN provider.nnMaximum port versatilitynFrom fiber-optic to Ethernet and USB ports: As the core of the network, this integrated services gateway enables an endless range of applications. You benefit from four combo ports with Ethernet and SFP interfaces, giving you the freedom you need. The LANCOM ISG-1000 integrates features that go far beyond routing and monitoring, making it a universal tool and a reliable component of your network.nnFirst-class all-metal housing with integrated displaynThe LANCOM ISG-1000 comes in a high-quality all-metal housing with an integrated power supply unit. Thanks to the mounting system, it is easy to install in a 19" rackfeaturing connection ports redirected to the front, it is quick and easy to work with. The display on the front of the device provides a continuous overview of various information including the temperature, CPU load, and the active VPN tunnels. You can see in an instant if your network is operating properly or if you need to act.nnSecurity Made in GermanynIn a market with a strong presence of American and Asian products, LANCOM offers maximum security Made in Germany. The entire LANCOM core product range is developed and manufactured in Germany and tested according to the highest standards of security, data protection and quality. The company's own closed-source operating system LCOS is developed at the company headquarters in Germany. An in-house team of developers works in a highly secure environment as certified by the BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security)all of which is subject to the highest standards of security, encryption, and quality.nnSystematic networking solutionsnLANCOM integrated services gateways are the basis for secure encrypted site connectivity and high-speed Internet access. As professional system components, they are fully compatible to all LANCOM network devices and they facilitate flexible scaling and expansion when combined with further LANCOM components. The result is a secure and flexible all-round solution that you can rely on. The overall network down to each individual device can be managed and monitored from a central instancefor a solution that is systematic. You can also upgrade this integrated services gateway with additional features such as a hotspot, clustering, or additional VPN channels.nnHyper integration and SD-WANnHyper Integration means: The ultimate networking solutiona combination of the complete LANCOM premium portfolio, the LAN, WAN and WLAN network segments, software-defined networking technology, and the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC). The ISG-1000 can still be managed with LANconfig in the usual way, but it offers immense added value when operated in the LMC with SD-WAN. Your savings on staff resources for managing your networks, the time gains for additional projects, and the 24/7 monitoring dashboards are just for starters.


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