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HP Enterprise Ethernet 10/25Gb 2-port 640SFP28 - Internal - Wired - PCI Express - Ethernet - 100000 Mbit/s

533 € (437 € + IVA)
Numero articolo del produttore: 817753-B21
Codice: 817753-B21
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Marca: HP Enterprise


817753-B21 HP Enterprise Ethernet 10/25Gb 2-port 640SFP28 - Internal - Wired - PCI Express - Ethernet - 100000 Mbit/s Hewlett Packard Enterprise Ethernet 10/25Gb 2-port 640SFP28. Internal. Connectivity technology: Wired, Host interface: PCI Express, Interface: Ethernet. Maximum data transfer rate: 100000 Mbit/s Stuck in network traffic at 10Gbps? Time to take the Express Lane with HPE 25GbE Adapters. Current approaches to managing the increasing data center traffic require higher bandwidth and is cost prohibitive, restricting organizations from easily growing as their needs grow. Legacy technologies are struggling to handle the increased throughput and lack the capabilities to cost-effectively scale. For the rise in volume of mobile data and video and the frequency at which it is accessed, The HPE Ethernet 10/25Gb 2-port 640SFP28 Adapter for select HPE ProLiant Gen9 Server DL family of rack and HPE Apollo Servers delivers high-performance solutions. It allows Telco, services providers, financial institutions and enterprises to meet the demanding needs of more bandwidth. Features More Efficient and Faster Way to Send Data with RDMA Over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) The HPE Ethernet 25Gb 2-port 640 SFP28 Adapter bypasses the TCP/IP stack and removes a data copy step reducing overall latency to deliver accelerated performance for applications such as Microsoft® Hyper-V® Live Migration, Microsoft SQL® and Microsoft SharePoint with SMB Direct. Reduces the impact of overlay networking on host performance with tunnel offload support. Auto negotiates to 10GbE for immediate future proofing. Lower Latency and Higher Throughput With Messaging Accelerator (VMA) The HPE Ethernet 25Gb 2-port 640 SFP28 Adapter reduces system latency for improved performance specifically for high-frequency trading operations while maintaining high message rates and hundreds of simultaneous connections. Contains VMA, an included firmware with many benefits such as lower latency, higher throughput, improved CPU utilization and minimal buffer copies between user data and hardware.


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