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Epson TM-H5000II (012): Serial - w/o PS - ECW - 180 x 180 DPI - 311 cps - 233 cps - 20 cpi - 4 copies - 9-pin C31C246012

737 € (604 € + IVA)
Numero articolo del produttore: C31C246012
Codice: C31C246012
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Marca: EPSON


Epson TM-H5000II (012): Serial - w/o PS - ECW - 180 x 180 DPI - 311 cps - 233 cps - 20 cpi - 4 copies - 9-pin White / RS-232c Epson Epson TM-H5000II (012): Serial, w/o PS, ECW. Maximum resolution: 180 x 180 DPI. Maximum print speed: 311 cps, Normal print speed: 233 cps, Character density: 20 cpi. Print head: 9-pin. Buffer size: 4 KB. Weight: 6.5 kg, Package width: 332 mm, Package depth: 407 mm C31C246012 Ultra-fast receipts and advanced graphicsThe sheer, lightning quick performance of the TM-H5000II, combined with its advanced graphics, means that your receipts can become a live medium for communicating with your customer, rather than a simple transaction record. Linked purchases and multi-buys can be grouped, logos and promotional messages added. Ideal for one-time receipt printing, and with the ability to customise sales slips, this printer makes one-to-one marketing a reality.Enhanced customer serviceWith the TM-H5000II a combination of wide-slip and high-speed printing enables you to provide customised documentation. The printer’s capability to print barcodes onto receipts means that returns can be identified and dealt with quickly, and also quickly re-entered into your inventory system.Low cost of ownershipThe modular design of this printer makes it easy and quick to upgrade and maintain. Combined with a robust metal chassis and exceptional reliability – a receipt MCBF of 37 million lines – this makes the TM-H5000II flexible, rugged and cost-effective.Features- High performance hybrid multifunction printer.- Easy drop-in paper loading and one touch removal.- High-resolution graphics printing with no processing delay.- Superior slip handling with wide slip printing capabilities.- Most compact, durable design with the highest reliability in its class.


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