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DIGITUS Wall Mounting Cabinets IP55 - Outdoor - 600x450 mm (WxD) DN-19 09U-I-OD

397 € (326 € + IVA)
Numero articolo del produttore: DN-19 09U-I-OD
Codice: DN-19 09U-I-OD
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DIGITUS Wall Mounting Cabinets IP55 - Outdoor - 600x450 mm (WxD) Wall mount rack Digitus DN-19 09U-I-OD. Maximum weight capacity: 100 kg, Product colour: Grey. Size: 48.3 cm (19"), Width: 579 mm, Depth: 600 mm DN-19 09U-I-OD The 483 mm (19") IP55 Outdoor Wall Mounting Cabinets are designed for industrial applications. They are based on the IP55 safety class which is conform to the EN 60529 and are therefore protected against water-and dirt ingress.Best performance is provided e.g. via the 3-point-locking system with lockable swing handle and isloated cable entries. Integrated air ventilation inlets ensure the entry of fresh air (protection against water and dust acc. to IP54). Application areas are open areas which are under the effect of the environment (Rain, dust, sleet, snow, and splashing water). The cabinets can be used together with a plinth for free standang applications (rear holes for wall mounting can be closed via plugs that are taken from the base of the cabinet when installing the plinth).


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