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Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi - Kit - 1D/2D - 0 - 86100 lx - 625 nm - USB - 4.5 m - RoHS - EN60825-1 1 LED M3301-010210-07604

530 € (434 € + IVA)
Numero articolo del produttore: M3301-010210-07604
Codice: M3301-010210-07604
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Marca: Datalogic


Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi - Kit - 1D/2D - 0 - 86100 lx - 625 nm - USB - 4.5 m - RoHS - EN60825-1 1 LED Keyboard Scanner - 1D/2D Model - Sapphire Glass - Counter/Wall Mount - Power Brick/Cord (EU) - Type A 4.5 m/15 Datalogic Magellan 3300HSi, Kit. Scanner type: 1D/2D, Light levels (direct sunlight): 0 - 86100 lx, Wavelength: 625 nm. Standard interfaces: USB, Cable length: 4.5 m. Certification: RoHS, EN60825-1 1 LED. Power consumption (standby): 2 W, Input voltage: 90 - 264 V, Power requirements: 47-63 Hz. Weight: 790 g M3301-010210-07604 In-Counter High Performance Bar Code ReaderThe Magellan™ 3300HSi bar code reader brings Datalogic’s new imaging technology to the high-volume point-of-sale. Along with the 3200VSi vertical reader, they are the first bar code scanners to duplicate the speed and wide field-of-view of high-performance omnidirectional laser scanners while adding the benefits associated with imaging. This imaging technology provides outstanding performance when capturing hard-to-read bar codes such as truncated (short), out-of-spec, poorly printed and GS1 DataBar™ codes, and provides support for both linear (1D) and 2D label decoding. The Magellan 3300HSi imager enables both sweep and presentation scanning techniques ensuring maximum productivity and ergonomic ease.With the renowned quality and reliability famous in all Magellan products, the Magellan 3300HSi imager achieves new levels of product reliability by utilizing a solid-state design that does not require the use of laser modules or spinning motors, ensuring years of worry-free operation.Unique features not found on any point-of-sale scanner, include a Micro-SD card reader to help with software management, upgrading, and maintenance. Managing software with the Magellan 3300HSi reader is very flexible and includes multiple methods to load new software or to modify existing configuration files and application firmware. Because most of the Magellan 3300HSi scanner features are software based, new capabilities are simple to add, even after the initial installation, increasing the useful life of the scanner and protecting your company’s technology investment over time.Other Magellan product features include Diagnostics Reporting, Host Download and Productivity Index Reporting™ allowing management to use data from the scanner to improve throughput and manage maintenance. A cell phone reading mode, activated with either a push of a button or a host terminal software command optimizes light levels to capture images or read bar codes from mobile phones or PDAs.


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