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Datalogic Gryphon GBT4430 - 2D - 12.5 cm - 650 nm - 0 - 360° - -40 - 40° - -40 - 40° GBT4430-HC-BTK1

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Numero articolo del produttore: GBT4430-HC-BTK1
Codice: GBT4430-HC-BTK1
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Marca: Datalogic


Datalogic Gryphon GBT4430 - 2D - 12.5 cm - 650 nm - 0 - 360° - -40 - 40° - -40 - 40° 752 x 480 - Bluetooth 2.0 - 2.4 GHz - 30.0 m - USB - IP52 - 245 g - Health Care Datalogic Gryphon GBT4430. Scanner type: 2D, Working distance: 12.5 cm, Wavelength: 650 nm. Standard interfaces: USB, Operating frequency: 2400 MHz. LED indicators: Charging,Power, Certification: China RoHS, EU RoHS, IEC 60825 Class 2. Battery technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), Battery capacity: 2100 mAh, Input voltage: 4.5 - 14.0 V. Weight: 245 g, Base weight: 246 g GBT4430-HC-BTK1 Gryphon GBT4400, Kit, 2D, Multi-Interface, Health Care, Bluetooth, USB Kit with Base Station BC4030-HC-BT and Cable 90A052065With rich feature sets, the Gryphon product series from Datalogic Scanning represents the premium level of data collection equipment for general purpose applications. The Gryphon I GBT4400 2D scanner blends advanced reading technology with the ability to detect the natural actions of the operator to produce user-friendly features and outstanding performance.Lightweight and comfortable to use, the steady, dim, deep red illumination light is much easier on the eyes than other similar products with flicker illumination, even during extended periods of use. The highly visible 4-Dot aimer clearly defines the reading zone of the scanner and the center cross provides a locator for targeting when scanning a sheet or product with multiple bar codes.The Gryphon GBT4400 2D reader is designed with Datalogic’s Motionix motion-sensing technology, which enables the scanner to intuitively switch into handheld mode when the device is picked up. When placed back into the stand, it seamlessly returns to stand mode, eliminating the need to scan a code or to rely on a mechanical switch to make this change. The two-position base station provides the flexibility to use the scanner in presentation or stand mode while it’s charging. The scanner also features Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ for additional good read confirmation by placing a green spot directly on the code.The scanner reads common codes including 1D, 2D and Postal codes plus stacked and composite codes like PDF417 and GS1 DataBar. It also offers excellent performance when reading bar codes from cell phones or mobile devices for mobile marketing or ticketing applications. High Density (HD) models are available for reading smaller, condensed codes.Fast, snappy, omnidirectional reading makes the Gryphon GBT4400 scanner ideal for use in signature capture and document scanning applications. High speed imaging and motion tolerance reads fast moving codes, allowing you to rapidly move from one code to the next.Featuring Bluetooth wireless technology, the reader can transmit data to the host through its base station as well as to any commercial or embedded Bluetooth v2.0 compliant device.


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