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Crucial 64GB DDR4-2666 LRDIMM - 64 GB - 1 x 64 GB - DDR4 - 2666 MHz - 288-pin DIMM - Green CT64G4LFQ4266

437 € (359 € + IVA)
Numero articolo del produttore: CT64G4LFQ4266
Codice: CT64G4LFQ4266
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Crucial 64GB DDR4-2666 LRDIMM - 64 GB - 1 x 64 GB - DDR4 - 2666 MHz - 288-pin DIMM - Green ECC - LR-DIMM - CL19 Crucial 64GB DDR4-2666 LRDIMM. Component for: PC/server, Internal memory: 64 GB, Memory layout (modules x size): 1 x 64 GB, Internal memory type: DDR4, Memory clock speed: 2666 MHz, Memory form factor: 288-pin DIMM, CAS latency: 19, ECC, Product colour: Green CT64G4LFQ4266 Maximize memory performance and get more out of your serversMemory-dependent server applications are often inhibited by RDIMM channel ranking limitations. Crucial LRDIMMs solve this problem by utilizing a memory buffer chip that reduces electrical loads presented to the memory bus, allowing more DIMMs to be populated per channel. The result? Increased memory bandwidth, improved energy efficiency, and greater memory density compared to standard RDIMMs.Increase memory bandwidth and performanceSince Crucial LRDIMMs are engineered to reduce electrical loads presented to the CPU, they enable more installed DIMMs per channel for greater memory density. With more memory density and reduced electrical loads, servers are able to run Crucial LRDIMMs at a greater frequency for more memory bandwidth.Increase energy efficiency and lower your TCOCrucial LRDIMMs transmit power in a more efficient manner to the CPU – via the data path buffer – allowing for additional power savings and a lower total cost of ownership. Plus, Crucial LRDIMMs are backed by the Reliance Program* and a limited lifetime warranty to further minimize your TCO.Increase the performance of demanding server applicationsFor memory-dependent server applications such as hyperscale computing, virtualization, cloud computing, Big Data, and more, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more cost-effective performance solution. Because Crucial LRDIMMs enable dramatic performance gains, they’re the smart way to increase memory bandwidth and capacity.Available in the latest technologyBuilt with new technology tailored for the latest Intel platforms, Crucial DDR4 LRDIMMs allow you to increase system performance with memory speeds up to 2666 MT/s and densities up to 64GB. Increasing the installed memory capacity of each server with modules equipped with 8Gb-based components enables your systems to reach their full performance potential.Backed by the Reliance Program*When you make an enterprise-level investment in Crucial products, we believe you deserve a higher level of support. The Reliance Program offers qualified customers up to four additional benefits that affirm our commitment to your servers through service call reimbursements, on-site spares, 24/7 technical support through our direct hotline, and special bulk shipping options.Micron® quality – a higher level of reliabilityServer memory that’s built to last requires lasting industry relationships and technology collaboration over multiple product cycles. As a brand of Micron, we work closely with the industry leaders in CPU and platform development, along with the leading server and motherboard manufacturers to enable the next level of memory technology. The result? More than 35 years of expertise that’s poured into die selection, DRAM and PCB design, module assembly, and testing from start to finish. This can only be achieved by a true memory manufacturer – don’t settle for anything less.


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