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beroNet Failover Switch - Failover Switch - 17x RJ-45

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Numero articolo del produttore: BNFOS
Codice: BNFOS
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Marca: beronet


beroNet Failover Switch - Failover Switch - 17x RJ-45 BNFOS Fast Ethernet - 2300g beroNet Failover Switch. Basic switching RJ-45 Ethernet ports quantity: 16. Rack mounting Disasters in a communication network are often very difficult to predict and there is usually a very small advance notice when a communication line goes down. beroNet Failover Switch provides an effective way for dealing with such unexpected events by re-routing the lines to a back-up line when undesirable changes are de- tected. Therefore beroNet provides beroNet Failover Switch, a solution device for PBX Clustering and failover scenarios that requires a physical reconnection of analog, BRI or PRI lines. In addition to this properties, the Failover Switch has two individually switchable powerports on the rear panel, for remote power on / power off or reboot the respective connected devices. The beroNet Failover Switch can be used in two scenarios, the failover scenario or the bypass scenario.


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